The Pocket

With more gadgets and knick-knacks to carry than ever before, the modern man needs all the help he can get. The pocket would seem like a no-brainer, but it's more complicated than that.

The Pocket

For all its usefulness (and probably because of it), the pocket is looked down upon in fashion—making it either an incredibly bold choice for your formal dress shirt or the perfect addition to your casual shirt.

It’s hard to imagine something as minor and unassuming as a shirt pocket crossing the line of what’s acceptable—after all, it’s not an epaulette. But the traditionalist’s view of the dress shirt just doesn’t leave room for deviation, not for any amount of practicality. That being said, business casual attire plays by a relatively lenient set of rules, which allows for add-ons such as pockets. Since each pocket takes away from the shirt’s formality, it’s generally best to stick with one pocket even in a casual work environment. This maintains a certain level of professional appeal, while giving you more storage room than you should ever need above the pants.

Then there’s the question of pocket style: classic, rounded, angled, military. Classic, as the name suggests, is the safest and simplest option, with a square construction that can make it almost hidden within the background of the shirt. A busier pattern will amplify the effect further.

Rounded and angled pockets introduce a slightly more noticeable and thus casual touch, while military pockets give you the most casual option of all (the reference to military should give you a clue to its purpose). This last style of pocket can be closed with a button and features an angled bottom, making it an acceptable option for a weekend or a Halloween party you’re attending as MacGyver.

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