Dress Shirts for a Night Out

After a long day or week of work, a night out can be cathartic. Time to shed the constrictions of daytime life in favour of something more relaxed, something more you.

Dress Shirts for a Night Out

No matter how much steam you've got to blow off, you also want to maintain a certain level of class and dignity in your appearance, wherever the night takes you.

The best dress shirt for a night out is the one that best fits the occasion. An evening of fine dining doesn’t necessarily call for the same attire as a night at the bar with friends, so it’s important to consider venue, company, atmosphere and season when choosing a shirt.

At the dressier end of the spectrum, French cuffs can be used to great effect. This most formal of cuff styles won’t look out of place in a high-end restaurant or any setting where refined styling is appreciated. Take the opportunity to try more interesting cufflinks, the kind that will take the formality of your look down just a touch. You can also achieve this effect by foregoing a tie and leaving a few buttons open at the top of the shirt.

As the white dress shirt is the standard for daytime wear, black is the go-to colour for a night out. Darker tones naturally obscure imperfections and provide an easy backdrop for the eyes, giving them a calming influence against lighter colours.

The colour dichotomy also creates a strong distinction between work and play. Black is a sharp enough option to succeed on its own, but you can bolster that effect by incorporating a lightly toned blazer or suit, ideally grey. For a sleeker outline and a more modern aesthetic, choose a slim-fitting suit. This approach might not be as welcome at the office, where conservatism rules, but it will assert your fashion savvy if and when you do want people to notice your clothes.

When afternoon blends into evening, you want to be comfortable as well as stylish. Thread count and fabric weave affect the comfort and luxury of a dress shirt, so choose your fabric accordingly. Likewise, care requirements and the potential for wrinkling relate to the type of fabric. If you want a durable, comfortable, low-maintenance dress shirt, choose oxford cloth.

The collar says a lot about a shirt’s character. Button-downs are the most casual option, giving you a sportier look that is well suited to after-work beers with friends. This style of collar naturally goes well without a tie, although you wouldn’t be laughed at for wearing one. Add a pocket to your shirt to dress it down further.

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