No other element impacts a piece of clothing like fit

It’s what complements a person’s best physical features or highlights the ones they’d rather hide. So why settle for standard sizes at all? For a long time the answer probably had to do with price and inconvenience - custom was seen as a luxury, not something easily accessible in any sense of the term.

But that’s changing

Clive Richard embodies the idea that every man deserves the comfort and confidence of a custom dress shirt - a superior piece of clothing made to last and made with only one person in mind. We believe high-end doesn't have to mean out of reach.

We've seen what custom can do not only for the way a man looks, but the way he feels. It's a feeling of luxury and refinement, and it's something we strive to deliver with every garment we produce.

We created an intuitive design interface to help you customize a dress shirt from top to bottom, with the ability to put your stamp on it. The process had to be simple—usability is what drives Clive Richard and what will continue to inspire upgrades for an even better experience.

If you prefer a more personalized approach, we’re happy to oblige

Our style consultants provide in-person service where you work, so they can do the measuring, display the fabrics and generally make your bespoke experience as seamless as possible. We know that face-to-face still matters, and for some people technology will never take the place of personal service. Of course the clothing should be comfortable, but so should the customization process.

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